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Cornelia Funke
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Funke, Cornelia

Cornelia Funke is one of the most internationally acclaimed and best-known German authors of children's books; she holds third place on the list of favourite authors published every year by the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, based on the results of a schoolchildren’s survey. Born in Dorsten, Westphalia in 1958, Cornelia Funke successfully completed grammar school and then moved to Hamburg, where she obtained her MA in education. She then worked for three years as a group leader on an activity playground, while at the same time studying book illustration at the Academy of Art and Design in Hamburg (Fachhochschule für Gestaltung).
On completing her studies, Cornelia Funke initially worked exclusively as an illustrator of children’s books – work which inspired her to start writing her own stories for young readers. At 28, then, she became a free-lance author and illustrator. She has meanwhile written over 40 books. Her spectrum spans picture books and first reading and children’s books to her full-scale novels for older readers. As the author has a special gift for reading aloud, she also records many of her own books as “audio books”.
Cornelia Funke lives with her family in Los Angeles.
Cornelia Funke made her international breakthrough with the novel The Thief Lord, which takes readers to Venice in winter and became a sensational success in the USA and Great Britain. The British newspaper The Guardian celebrated The Thief Lord as a “German gem, comparison with which English children’s authors ought to fear.” Her hit novels Dragon Rider and The Thief Lord have now been made into international films.


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